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Doing business 2017: Morocco is the 68th at the world level and the first in North Africa

Morocco makes a major step forward according to the world bank's doing business 2017, it is considered as the reference report in business environment, as the 68th Morocco up seven places compared with the 2016 edition (75th) of the same document that analyzes ease of doing business in 190 countries, Thus morocco is the first classified over the North Africa, the third in the whole Africa and the fourth on all the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The Doing Business report measures the performance of countries in terms of business easing through the assessment of legislation and administrative measures adopted in ten fields related to the company's life: business creation, cross-border trade, Tax Payment, granting building permits, connection to the electricity network, transfer of ownership, obtaining lending, the resolution of trade litigation, protecting investors and also records management of companies in a difficult situation.

This Moroccan ranking improvement is the result of progress made especially in three fields:

  • Procedures of business creation, at this indicator, Morocco moves from the 93th in 2012 into the 40th place in 2017;
  • Granting building permits, Morocco was 75th in 2012 while it is actually the 18th;
  • Tax payments, the 112th in 2012, now it is in the 41th place.

This new ranking confirms the positive evolution and the ongoing development recorded during the last five years by Morocco, following a series of important reforms realized for the benefit of the Moroccan company by the National Business Environment Committee, placed Under the chairmanship of the Head of Government and it’s works according to a participating approach including several ministerial sectors and public establishment as well as private sector representatives.