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Morocco won two lengths in the world ranking given by the ITU

According to the annual report published by the international telecommunication union (ITU) on Tuesday 22 November 2016, Morocco advanced up the ICT development index (IDI) by two ranks, the Kingdom indeed is now the 96th of 175 surveyed countries, ahead of Egypt (100th) and Algeria (103th).

"Morocco comes out among the countries with a median income that had registered the most dynamic upgrades in the entire region" says the ITU that also notes the good performance made in the field of households who have access to internet.

ICT development index is designed to be global and must reflect changes that occur in the countries at various level of ICT development, it is therefore based on a limited set of DATA established with confidence in all countries and at all levels of development .

The ICT development index (IDI) is obtained from 3 sub-indexes and 11 indicators namely:

The sub-index "access": This sub-index measures ICT availability, it includes 5 indicators of infrastructure and access (landline phone subscriptions, cellular telephone subscriptions, internet bandwidth per customer, households equipped with a computer and households with access to internet);

The sub-index "use": This sub-index means the strength of ICT, it includes three indicators of strength and use (people using internet, landline broadband subscriptions and mobile broadband subscriptions);

The sub-index "Skills": this sub-index intends to focus on the capacities or the skills which are important for the ICT, it includes three indirect indicators (the average of school years, secondary school subscriptions, higher education subscriptions).

The full report is available on this link.