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The growth of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has revolutionized the social and political life.

These technologies gives many advantages like : speed, reduced costs, reach more people. They are now essential for Public Administration to provide services and communicate directly with citizens.

ICT improves citizen participation by allowing them to better interact with the Administration. This is called e-participation.

e-participation initiatives aim to improve citizen access to information and public services and their participation in public decision making.


The e-participation has two aspects:

  • e-Access: Access to public infrastructure, Internet, training and dissemination of practices related to ICTs
  • e-Inclusion: the participation of a targeted audience in the process of public decision making through ICT 


The Moroccan government has launched several e-participation initiatives including:

  •   Fikra: The Suggestion Box for the improvement of the Administration 

Fikra site launched on February 25, 2011 offers a discussion  forum  to get more feedback from citizens and enable them to express their views. They can submit ideas, vote for ideas and comment.


3 forums for sharing ideas are available:  

  • Forum  « Your ideas for new eGov services »: To suggest new online services such as making appointments online, apply for the passport online ...
  • Forum « Your ideas for simplifying administrative tasks »: To suggest ways of simplifying administrative procedures such implementing a quick queue...
  • Forum « Your ideas for improving the Administration »: For all other suggestions 
  • Comment  drafts of laws and decrees

Citizens can comment on the drafts of laws and decrees on the site of the General Secretariat of Government and see the other suggestions 

Citizens can check the status (accepted / not-accepted) of suggestions submitted.

  • Questionnaire and suggestion box on the websites
      Several Department websites provides users with satisfaction questionnaires or feedback forms to give their opinion on the quality of the website.  

Some examples:

Website of the General Secretariat of Government
Website of eGovernment in Morocco
National portal