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General Interoperability Framework

 Start date March 2010  End date December 2013

Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy


The GIF (General Interoperability Framework) is part of international best practice. It allows planning of a user-oriented online public service, where the administrations communicate easily together.


  • Harmonise standards, norms and semantics as a basis of the construction of a consistent, agile and controlled information system.
  • Define standards for technology, syntax (languages, protocols, etc.) and semantics (definition of business objects).
  • All ministries and public institutions should adhere to the use of the defined GIF.
  • Ensure compliances for new projects and drive older information systems towards upgrading.

Expected benefits

  • Facilitating interconnection of different administrations for the implementation of integrated services.
  • Reducing delays in implementing services and costs of interconnection.


Short term: September 2011

  • Scoping
  • Elaborating the first version of the GIF

At maturity:

  • Definition and implementation of governance
  • Elaboration of the initial public version of the GIF
  • Adoption of the body of law
  • Introduction of a dedicated internet rubric for the GIF
  • Introduction of an adoption barometer for the GIF
  • Steering change and support of public institutions implementing the GIF
  • Updating the GIF


Success indicators

Type Indicator
Target value Current value Deadline for target value

Number of signatories to the charter

23 0 Décembre 2013
Use Use of new projects 60% 0 2014
User satisfaction

Degree of satisfaction on the understanding and use of the GIF

90%   N/A   Décembre 2014