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ICT infrastructure

The Moroccan Government has set early in 2010, general guidelines for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Morocco in order to generalize access to all parts of the kingdom without exception, to reduce the digital divide and encourage broadband development.

This policy shall include:

Investment support in the telecommunications sector, which is considered as one of the major poles in the overall development of the Moroccan economy.

  • Deployment of appropriate infrastructure to meet changing uses and reflecting the Government's determination to reduce the digital divide that now concerns the access, use and content.Access to content other than voice (data, images, etc..) require increasingly rates and has as its corollary the building of fixed infrastructure (mainly based on fiber optics) to guarantee the availability of service offers in terms of overall quality of service expected from consumers and businesses. This objective involves stimulating the market for deploying solutions offering broadband access.
  • Expanding access to telecommunications services (voice and Internet) by setting up conditions thar can stimulate a significant drop in call charges and reducing their impact on household and business spending.
  • Continued growth in different market segments through the activation of regulatory levers capable of developing competition between the various stakeholders.

To do this, the Government shall strengthen the role of the regulator by providing the necessary means, including regulations, allowing the establishment of conditions of effective deployment of the levers of regulation and free competition.

 More information on the site of the National Agency for Regulation of Telecommunications.